Front-Office Business Analyst

  • Ref. : english_MOA_1809_FrontOffice
  • Publication date : 12.07.2022

Job description

To function as an interface between the unit managers, Front-Office users (Traders/Managers, Sales, Structurers, etc.) and IT teams. 

You will be in charge of the design, analysis, organisation, development, programming for various Front Office projects (integration of a front to back business software suite, on-line financial product trading and quoting project, electronic negotiation platform project, etc.).
This will involve:

  • Analysis and propositions for the organisation and developments to be put in place allowing for the limitations of the various sectors;
  • IT team development specifications and works progress supervision;
  • Organise and coordinate tests and programs for the various deliveries and IT team support during the deployment of systems in production;
  • Organise the various design phase launch decision and project phase orientation meetings;
  • Schedule actions and supervise project progress.  

Desired profile

You must have a BAC+5 diploma in Finance or IT, at least 3 years of experience in market finance business analysis (in an Asset Management, Capital Markets or Stock-trading company environment).
You must have strong financial products skills (Interest Rates, Credit, Shares, Derivatives).  
Excellent English language skills will be essential.  
Beyond your skills and experience, you will discover a very dynamic and challenging enterprise!
So why not join us!

  • Offer: Front-Office Business Analyst h-f
  • Ref.: english_MOA_1809_FrontOffice

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