Working for Algofi

You will be inducted by the HR and administrative teams as soon as you arrive at ALGOFI. Objective: to present the company, its various teams and set up your access to the various internal systems. On your first day at ALGOFI you will receive:

  • An induction handbook, presenting the company in greater detail: its organisation, internal processes and advantages along with everything that will be useful to you in finding your way around your new environment.
  • An employee savings scheme handbook presenting all of the ways that ALGOFI can help you to be involved in the company's continued success and constitute your own medium to long term savings scheme.


  • The monthly Induction breakfast: During this morning session all new employees have breakfast together. On the menu: a complete presentation of the company and its processes, training in the use of our internal VSA tool and exchanges with the HR and administration teams.


  • Meeting with the Sales Team where you will be able to get to know all of the ALGOFI Business Engineers. Objective: to get a fuller understanding of your background and present current project requirements that comply with your profile/expectations.
  • Attribution of an Algofi email account, ensuring that you will have effective communication with all of the ALGOFI staff.
  • Monthly newsletter sent to each ALGOFI employee.


At ALGOFI the recruitment process is largely based on profiles, it is possible that you will start your experience with ALGOFI with a bit of intercontract.
At ALGOFI, we have no irrational fear of the intercontract. Quite the contrary, it is an opportunity for our consultants to receive training on new technology or operations, work on internal projects, participate in recruitment processes by checking candidates, contribute to tender responses or organise training programs.


We organise various events to encourage our Algofians to get to know each other.

  • Annual General Meeting (cocktail buffet, presentation of the year's figures, company forecasts)
  • Lunch with the Commercial Manager
  • Lunch for consultants working on the same client account
  • Afterwork (Karting, Escape Game, or just get together for a drink)


The key ambition of our human resources and skill management policy is to promote the development of individuals and teams whilst maintaining our fundamental values. As well as involving the employee, the process must therefore also involve all of the elements of the company (Technical or functional referrer, HR Department, Sales Manager, etc.).

Providing career plan support to consultants:

Development at ALGOFI can take many forms: career development (such as a Software Engineer who wishes to become a Business Analyst), the acquisition of new technological or functional expertise, moving up into management or working overseas. You could even completely change direction and become a sales manager for example.
When a consultant is recruited by ALGOFI, a personalised long to medium term career plan will be defined. ALGOFI's ambition is to optimise support for our best potential by defining career plans calibrated to meet the employee's skills and ambitions in keeping with the ALGOFI vision. Therefore we work together to determine career development perspectives throughout their career. This allows us to manage and monitor skills; identifying training needs and adapting mission opportunities. Obviously it must be the employee themselves that drives their professional development.

Regular meetings and updates (quarterly project updates and annual progress reports) allow us to get the best possible vision of any difficulties that occur, analyse coherence and trajectory, define progress orientations and assess the consultant's motivation and implication towards the achievement of their objectives. During these meetings we can implement measures and elements such as training programs or mission changes if necessary.


ALGOFI's real strengths lie in the know-how and skills of its staff. This is why we have such a strong professional training policy that meets our standards of excellence and expertise. The projects on which we send our consultants are in themselves learning opportunities, but this alone is not enough to maintain these standards of excellence and expertise. Consequently we have set up partnerships with a number of training establishments and software publishers.
These training programs can take a number of forms:

  • Technical: such as Java JEE, Tibco Middleware programming, etc.
  • Functional: Financial instruments, FRTB regulations, etc.
  • Core Activities: project management, Business Analysis, development methodology, Communication
  • Language skills: English, French
  • Methodologies: AGILITY, CMMI
  • Certifications: ISTQB, CFA

Training programs can be on the initiative of the consultant, HR Manager, Sales manager or even the client.
We undertake to provide our response to all consultant training request applications within two weeks.
Training programs can also be internal, that is managed by our senior consultants as a means of capitalising the company's existing expertise.
Training programs are designed to be on a win-win basis for both the consultant and for ALGOFI.



Right from the start, when ALFOFI was first created; we decided to set up an internal corporate savings scheme so that we could be involved in setting up an employee savings scheme for out consultants. The idea is very simple, the employee deposits a sum of money in a savings account and ALGOFI then deposits the same amount up to a limit of €1,000 per year. This employer contribution amount is tax deductible.


Organisation of a profit-sharing scheme. Objective: since ALGOFI is above all a collective adventure, we decided to associate our staff with the company's profits and success. This helps us to accrue employee loyalty and motivation. This concerns all staff that have been with us for more than 3 months.


The profit-sharing scheme is replaced with an equally attractive participation agreement scheme. For example, an employee whose annual income for 2015 was €45k would earn a further €1,200 through this scheme. In total for 2015, we paid out €80k to our staff in this way.


More than €100k paid out to ALGOFI staff through the participation scheme.


We have also set up corporate involvement bonuses. Here are some examples.

  • Co-option bonus of up to €2,500 depending on the profile recruited. Co-option bonuses can be accumulated without limit.
  • Business co-option bonus: the employee informs us that the client they are working with will have a potential need for our services. The employee will receive a bonus of up to €2,500 if the contract is obtained
  • Training bonus: training programs can take the form of Speed Learning (45 minutes of training followed by a 15 minute question-answer session), workshops, or longer training session. These can be technical, functional of core activity oriented training sessions. The bonus is determined specifically for each individual case
  • MEET UP core activity conference organisation bonus
  • Blog article writing bonus