Core activity operations

These services are proposed to operations departments in charge of investment bank and asset management company Front, Middle and Back Office activities for the products in questions (shares and derivatives, interest rates and derivatives, commodities, etc.).

Intervention methods:

We operate on a cost-plus basis or as task-forces for one-off interventions

Intervention types

Business analyst core activity

Operational support for markets (pre and post trade)
  • Financial engineering / trading support
  • Client sales and service support
  • Performance and dedicated reports
  • Evaluation of funds and OTC derived products
  • Trade management, payment / delivery
  • Corporate Action processing and position monitoring
  • Position reconciliation
  • P&L reconciliation
Inspection and compliance
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Anti-corruption
  • Financing of terrorism
  • Market operations supervision

Project examples

Business Analyst Core Activity

Completed projects:
  • Support for Front Office initiative developments (new products) or to improve the Post-Trade processing chain. The intervention covered the Paris and London scope for FX (spot, NDF, swap, Forward) and Loan & Deposit products
  • Production of requirement expression reports
  • Banking certification

Trading/sales support:

Completed projects:
  • Event creation and monitoring for structured products, play-off modelling on Bloomberg
  • Front Office operations supervision up to their satisfactory settlement (clearer settlement, delivery/payment follow-up. Product booking control and follow-up)
  • Maintenance and development of existing VBA code

Evaluation support

Completed projects:
  • Data control and calculation in relation to internal and external sources (SDR, Markit, Bloomberg, etc.)
  • Distribution of regular and one-off evaluation reports for bank clients
  • Management of data publication on Reuters, Bloomberg and Six Telekurs
  • Involvement in the activity's automation and security processes
  • Involvement in solution development monitoring in terms of improving client service

Back Office manager

Clearance of outstanding Fixed Income trades

Completed projects:

This intervention was on a fixed-price and stock indexed basis

  • Handling and diagnostic by type of outstanding trade
  • Analysis and creation of procedure for each type of outstanding trade
  • Batch processing for each case
  • Action plan design
  • Development of resolution automation tools
  • Implementation of a dedicated clearance team

Performance Analyst

Calculation and attribution of fund performances for an Asset Manager

Completed projects:
  • Involvement in the production of regulatory reports (Solvency II and AIFM)
  • Management of the collection, analysis and production of data necessary for monthly reports
  • Production of AIFM reports for the regulator
  • Transparency procedure using the Club Ampere (Solvency II) report template
  • Creation of fund performance attribution reports
  • Responses to occasional sales team requests

Back Office manager

Corporate Action management for an Asset Manager

Completed projects:
  • Updating of Corporate Action payment schedules 
  • Deed, warrant and royalty payment monitoring 
  • Cash and/or stock movement entries 
  • Communication of manager responses to fund administrators in order to integrate the Corporate Action into the accounts solution. 
  • Validation that the Corporate Action has been correctly executed by the trustees through a number of different checks and interventions: direct consulting of the securities and cash positions in the trustee solutions, swift MT566 analysis (Corporate Action results), fax, e-mail, telephone contact