Our partners

ALGOFI has developed partnerships with a number of technology publishers to strengthen its service proposals to its clients and offer the best possible expertise.

We support our clients in the integration of these tools into their information systems as well as any specific developments, configuration, support and maintenance.

Our consultants are all trained and certified for these tools.

Are you a quality finance industry software publisher?

Are you looking for a quality strategic partner to provide technical integration support as well as closely coordinated before and after sales support?  Contact us

Our aim: to surround our service offers with quality financial solution publishers in order to cover all of our Asset Manager, Investment Bank or Trading Company clients' operational processes.


The world's leading asset management software publisher. Their Simcorp Dimension Front to back to accounts solution is now a market reference:

  • Present with 50% of the Top 100 asset managers, 180 clients and 16,000 active users
  • USD 19,000 billion in assets managed per solution


Murex is one of the world's leading financial business software developers; they work mostly in the Capital Market sector (trading, risk & processing)

  • 250 clients and 50,000 platform users in 60 countries
  • The N°1 Front to Back & Cross Asset Platform in the Capital Market sector: €1 billion in R&D investments over the last 10 years


DevOps specialised software publisher that proposes two leading solutions which have had huge success in the financial industry:

  • XL Deploy which provides a means to automate, industrialise and standardise deployments within an "IS" regardless of the types of associated technologies
  • XL Release which provides release visibility (planning, channel description, interactions) to optimise and reduce the risk of error and minimise delivery failures


Software publisher, notably for SGBDR development (Framework .NET, Visual Studio) with MS SQL SERVER, CIB solutions with their SQL Server Reporting Services, Analysis Services suite


Financial decision-making and portfolio management supervision software publisher.


Dedicated IT programming platform ideal for testing the IT development skills of job applicants.