ALGOFI has been applying a CSR policy for many years. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a "business commitment that voluntarily integrates social, environmental and economic issues into the company's operations and their interactions with their employees and partners.
We rapidly came to the realisation that a business cannot exist without paying attention to both its human and natural environment. Integrating human, environmental and economic issues not only makes sense for employees, managers and partners, it also generates positive ethical values and responsibility. Since 2010 ALGOFI has been progressively placing the leading principles of CSR policy at the heart of its corporate strategy. The implementation of a CSR approach implies extensive transformation to guidelines, practices and behaviour. It can only become reality if the company's staff understand its role and then alter their professional practices and behaviour accordingly. It is up to the Board of Directors to communicate and initiate the measures necessary for this. The first of these measures was to commit ourselves to the United Nations Global Pact. This United Nations initiative brings together businesses from around the world that adopt socially responsible attitudes and commit to integrating and encouraging the 10 principles covering Human Rights, the protection of the environment, international working standards and eliminating corruption.


Considering the nature of our core activities, our operations have little effect on the environment however we do aim to operate with a progressive approach through serious actions:

  • A large annual staff awareness campaign to encourage them to adopt "eco-friendly behaviour".
  • Adopting positive environmental practices: limitation and optimisation when printing documents (both sides, limited use of colour, etc.), waste sorting, energy saving (switching off computers at night-time, setting computers to automatically go into standby mode after a specific period of inactivity, a general power switch to cut power to the whole of our offices at the end of the day), etc.
  • Promotion of the use of environmentally friendly transport options. No coverage of private vehicle use inside the Paris city centre. Company vehicles are limited to no more than 2 for 200 members of staff; these are only for transport to destinations which cannot otherwise be accessed via public transport.


We have defined a voluntary policy for working conditions and health & safety issues.
We are also committed to a strategy of non-discrimination/exclusion. Our day-to-day activities include procedures to apply equality, non-discrimination and the inclusion of disabled persons in our HR policy. We have decided to take things even further by setting 2019 as our target year to sign the Diversity Charter and thus join its existing 3,500 signatories and we have initiated the actions necessary to achieve this diversity label.
We place the highest importance on the involvement of our staff and partners:

  • We have developed a satisfaction questionnaire for our employees to gather information about their well-being and working conditions.
  • We undertake charitable acts by supporting a number of social projects.


We have drawn up our own "business ethics conduct code" to effectively regulate our relations with customers. We have also set up a responsible purchasing policy to control how we select our suppliers and service providers. Wherever possible we favour those who display socially and ecologically responsible behaviour.

Beyond this, ALGOFI is also committed to a continuous improvement approach to its CSR practices with regular independent specialist evaluations by ECOVADIS. After our most recent evaluation we are proud to declare that we were ranked amongst the top 30% of evaluated companies. For 2019 we aim to be in the top 10%.