Our values

Expertise, Excellence, Transparency, Ambition


We are specialists, 90% of our Turnover is generated by market finance.

  • ALGOFI is run by IT and Finance experts.
  • We respond in full to the needs of our market finance clients: IT, operational, regulation, risk management.
  • Our teams are made up of qualified and experienced financial consultants.
  • We are also in partnership with a number of strategic market finance EAS publishers (SIMCORP).


Market finance is a very demanding business sector. This is why we make sure that we have the best possible skills.

  • All of our consultants are graduates from major engineering and business schools. We expect them to have strong relational and oral/written communication skills.
  • Our highly selective recruitment procedures are driven by this expectation. These procedures specifically include CodinGame technical profiling tests, stringent functional tests and editorial tests for Business Analyst profiles. It also includes meetings with our technical and functional referees and the HR team to evaluate whether the candidate's personality is in keeping with our values.
  • We maintain this excellence through a 4% investment of our turnover in professional training programs. This excellence allows us to offer added value to our clients: proposing the kinds of skills, know-how and methodologies that they may not have internally.


  • Our clients require us to assume responsibility for their projects which means that we must be transparent, ethical and honest in all of our dealings with them.
  • Transparency regarding the backgrounds and availability of allocated teams and consultants, transparency in the running of the company and its financial health, transparency in our commercial proposals.


  • Even if, at ALGOFI, we promote controlled growth, our ambitions remain high. Our ambition is to become the ultimate reference for resolving IT and Finance issues.
  • Over 3 years (2015 to 2018) ALGOFI has seen a 100% growth in turnover.
  • We aim to become THE leader in IT & finance within the next 3 years (we aim to recruit a further 100 members of staff in 2018). At least 70% of ALGOFI's profits are reinvested each year to maintain this growth.

Evidently this ambition cannot involve any degradation to the quality of our services.